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I’m so pleased. I’m writing to tell you that I actually slept on my last flight. All the way from Hawaii to L.A.!

— Val K., Honolulu, Hawaii

 After I was pick pocketed in London several years ago, I’ve purchased several anti-theft handbags from various websites. However, I’ve learned it makes a difference to be able to see, feel and try the products available rather then ordering products on-line only to return them. Arlene gives you the personal touch and her travel product events feature the latest in travel accessories, anti-theft handbags, wallets and more for men and women (both genders can easily become pick pocketing victims). Traveling is very exciting but I’m learning about my vulnerabilities and carelessness during a trip or at home in Hawaii too! Anti-theft products are one of the ways you can help yourself from becoming a victim.
—-Ellen, EM Hawaii Tours, LLC  August 30, 2019


I am impressed with this web site, I am a fan.

—Rose Lerch April 11, 2020


Thank You Arlene and Travel Products Hawaii! Received my order today and I am very happy with my purchases. The protective care kits are so handy and practical during these times and will be put to very good use. The disposable airplane seat covers provide extra protection and confidence in traveling. Looking forward to other products that help us adjust to this “new norm”. Take Care and Be Safe as well!

—-Charmaine Depaynos-Mayo July 23, 2020



Shipping was quick! Love the Anti-Theft handbag! It’s perfect for everyday!
—Lisa T., Honolulu, Hawaii


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